About feport

Founded in 1993, FEPORT is the European organisation which represents the interests of the terminal operators and stevedoring companies located out of the seaports of the European Union.

FEPORT membership consists of large, multinational terminal operating companies and national associations from the individual European Union member states. The organisation looks to ensure that the common interests of terminal operators are heard at European level and that FEPORT members are well informed of developments at European level.

The FEPORT secretariat is permanently based in Brussels and is responsible for coordinating FEPORT actions and the day to day running of the organisation.


  • Priorities of Ms. Violeta Bulc, new Commissioner for Transport 2014-10-22

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  • Council adopts General Approach on Port Services Regulation 2014-10-08

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  • Commission designate Sefcovic committed to advancements of port sector and social dialogue 2014-10-01

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Who we are

Terminal operators and stevedoring companies are responsible for the loading and unloading of sea-borne vessels at all ports of call. Terminal operators usually operate as private companies, separate from port authorities and other nautical services.

Given the increase of world trade volumes, and with it maritime cargo flows, terminal operators are playing an increasingly important role in global trade. This growth, joined with the increasing trend of containerization, suggest that the importance of terminal operators will only grow in the years ahead.

  • Inform and advise members on European port-related matters
  • Discuss and formulate common points of view with regard to European policy matters
  • Serve as an interlocutor for the EU institutions and other national or international organisations
  • Share technical and operational know-how