Fifth Annual Stakeholders Conference


Save the date Final


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the topic of FEPORTs Fifth Annual Stakeholders’ Conference: “Do we need a “Big Bang” for the European maritime logistics strategy?”

As usual, we will work hard to consolidate the “DNA” of our events, i.e. keep them inclusive, open to all and most importantly bringing added value to the debates which concern the different actors of the maritime logistics chain.

This year’s conference will have a particular taste for FEPORT members as we shall be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the organization.

As displayed on the “Save the Date”, many topics shall hopefully be discussed by the new MEPs during the hearings of the future Commissioners.

The EU is facing big challenges: climate crisis, global demographics, employment, re-alignment of international power and trade relations and internal cohesion.

Actors of the maritime logistics chain will have individually and collectively to play their role and alert about the key topics for the next five years.

This is exactly what we shall try to do on the 28th of November!


More details will follow after Summer.

Looking forward to welcoming you.


Kind regards,