Priority domains

Port Policy

  • Legal security for investments
  • Fair competition in and between ports
  • Transparency of public funding
  • Market access to provide services in ports

Social Policy

  • Promotion of social dialogue at European level
  • Commitment to high training standards in European terminals
  • Development of high health and safety standards
  • Support for equal opportunities in port work

Environmental Policy

  • Promotion of best practices in emissions reductions
  • Development of sustainable business practices
  • Encouragement of effective safety legislation
  • Cooperation with European and International organisations

Transport Policy

  • Reduction of congestion and bottlenecks in and around port areas
  • Maximization of potential for rail and inland waterways in ports
  • Efficient use of European transport funds

Customs Policy

  • Simplification of customs procedures
  • Legal certainty on responsibilities
  • Business friendly customs interface

Security Policy

  • Clear security guidelines for access to/from terminals
  • Enforcement of integrity of all cargo entering/exit terminals
  • Promotion of cooperation between actors on security issues



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Priority domains

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