Fourth Annual Stakeholders Conference 2018 Save the Date fv2

  • Is there a link between good hinterland connections and trade growth ?
  • What is the role of multimodal transport in boosting trade ?
  • How can trade opportunities be turned into trade flows in the EU ?
  • Is it only a matter of investment in physical infrastructure ?
  • How can digital tools and platforms facilitate the movement of goods ?
  • What kind of governance for these platforms to preserve a level playing field between actors of the chain ?
  • Are there any good practices involving public and private stakeholders ?
  • Road, rail and inland water: how can co-ordination be improved in the multimodal chain?
  • How can the multiple private and public stakeholders collaborate better for mutual benefits?

Join us next November 29th, 2018 to listen to our guest speakers’ views and answers to the above mentioned questions and to many others.

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2017 Annual Stakeholders' Conference (feedback video)