Press Release

Brussels, November 29th, 2017

DCT GDANSK S.A. (Deepwater Container Terminal Gdansk), located in Port of Gdansk (Poland) becomes a member of FEPORT

DCT became operational on 1st June 2007 with the arrival of the first commercial container ship. In the first years of operation, the terminal specialized in handling feeder ships. Since January 2010, container ships from the Far East with a capacity of 8,000 TEU stopped at the Port of Gdansk every week. The direct connection with Asia contributed to the development of the DCT, which became a Baltic hub and one of the fastest developing terminals in the world.

In 2011, the terminal began to handle E class container ships with a capacity of 15,500 TEU, and in 2013, Triple-E class container ships with a capacity of 18,000 TEU, the world's largest container ships at the time, operated by the Maersk Line.

In January 2015, the construction of a new terminal quay began, with the aim of doubling the annual throughput capacity of the DCT up to 3 million TEU. In 2016, the terminal handled 1,289,842 TEU.

Today, DCT is the largest container terminal in the Baltic region.

"We are delighted to become a member of FEPORT and, as the largest terminal in the Baltic, to join the community of the private port operators and terminals to ensure that the role of our sector is recognized within the EU” commented Mr. Cameron Thorpe, CEO of DCT Gdansk S.A.

"We are very glad to welcome DCT as new member of FEPORT. The representation of Polish terminals and port operators within FEPORT has increased over the last number of years. It shows that our colleagues in the different Polish ports are proactive and see the added value of joining an organization like ours. With the support of a company like DCT, FEPORT will continue to raise awareness about the contribution of our industry to the European economy and the subsequent creation of EU based jobs” said Mr. Gunther Bonz, President of FEPORT.


For more information, please contact:
Ms Katarzyna Ząbkiewicz, Communications, DCT Gdansk S.A.
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Ms. Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, Secretary General of FEPORT
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More about DCT Gdansk S.A.:
In late 2016, DCT Gdansk completed and opened its T2 facility, doubling capacity to 3million TEU annually and is now undertaking further expansion.
DCT Gdansk enables Poland to be connected to the largest shipping trade-lane between Europe and Asia. A vital piece of direct foreign investment, ensuring that Polish goods can trade with China more efficiently, reducing cost, providing more competitive delivery times and a lower carbon footprint per container than alternative ports.
DCT does not just serve Poland but is also one of the most efficient ways to serve the Baltic Sea market via transhipment. It is also a competitive way to serve key hinterland markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
In 2017 DCT Gdansk will handle in excess of 1.5m TEU, with direct calls by the largest ships afloat. DCT Gdansk is the only terminal in the Baltic Sea capable of handling ships of this size.



FEPORT - Press Release - DCT becomes a member of FEPORT - November 29th 2017