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Brussels, November 29th, 2017

FEPORT adopts its strategic Roadmap 2018-2020 in view of the upcoming disruptive changes within the maritime logistics chain

One day before its Third Annual Stakeholders’ Conference, FEPORT held its General Assembly meeting in Brussels. The members who attended the meeting discussed in depth the latest developments regarding issues of interest to the cargo handling industry and, in light of this analysis, adopted a new 2018-2020 Roadmap.

“We are quite satisfied by the implementation of our strategic roadmap 2015-2017 and about the outcome of the legislative procedures regarding two major regulations that concern the port sector, namely the Ports Regulation adopted in January 2017 and the General Block Exemption Regulation adopted in May 2017. Yet, our feeling is that the recognition of the role of the private investors in EU ports is not at the level it should be" comments Mr. Gunther Bonz, President of FEPORT.

“FEPORT has supported the principle of a clarification of the rules applicable to the port sector but Terminal operators are now confronted with the hard reality of national and local interpretations or administrative decisions which may discourage private investment in European ports. We hope that discussions within the European Port Forum will offer opportunities to exchange with the European Commission and Member States about this issue and raise awareness about the role of private investors in the modernization of European ports.”, continues Mr. Gunther Bonz, President of FEPORT.

“When looking to the future, we are fully aware that disruptive changes will occur within the logistics chain. We shall be mobilized to call on regulators and policy makers to assess whether existing frameworks are not obsolete and thus represent potential threats to processes of innovation”, says Mr. Gunther Bonz.

“Terminal operators are investing in port and logistics related operations of the future but to be successful in their tasks, they need a real level playing field and fair competition with other actors of the maritime logistics chain. We call upon EU regulators to guarantee a balanced maritime policy that prevents distortion of competition, be it through regulatory measures or imbalances in the allocation of EU funds to innovation” concludes Mr. Gunther Bonz.

During the General Assembly meeting, the members of the Board of Directors have been elected. The new Board includes representatives from: ZDS, Assiterminal, UNIM, Deltalinqs, Scandinavian Associations, Iberia Associations, CEPA, PSA, DP World, APMT, HPH, and EUROGATE.


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FEPORT - Press Release - General Assembly - Brussels November 29th 2017