Sixth Annual Stakeholders Conference


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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Dear colleagues, Dear guests,

We are pleased to invite you to join our Sixth Annual Stakeholders’ Conference, which will take place on the 1st of December 2021.

As already announced, this year’s topic will be “COVID-19: A crash test for the resilience of the maritime logistics chain?”, and the Conference will be a valuable opportunity for experts and representatives of the maritime logistics sector as well as institutional stakeholders to exchange and reflect upon COVID-19 consequences on the sector.

Our event will consist of two sessions from 9:00 to 13:30 and will include keynote speeches and two panel discussions involving representatives from different industries as well as institutional stakeholders.

Each session will include two keynote addresses followed by a panel discussion.

In the first session, our speakers will present the general outlook for the maritime logistics sector and the perspective from the port sector. We will also know more about seafarers and how they have gone through the crisis.  A lot is currently said about congestion in ports. So we will try to better understand  the causes of the phenomenon.

Disruption in the maritime logistics chain is causing a hassle for all stakeholders. Hence the necessity to have a dialogue to better understand each other’s constraints.

In the second session, we will try to figure out how the future will look like and whether a so called “pre-COVID normality” belongs now to the past. It will be useful to also understand whether the crisis impacted the geopolitics of trade and how the EU is reacting to the trade tensions between China and the US.

Regarding recovery and the path to zero emissions, our speakers will share their insights about the existing means to face the challenges and whether the mobilized resources can reasonably allow us to engage in an energy transition that will preserve the competitiveness of EU Companies and businesses.



Conference Program

9:00 Opening message  
  Mrs Adina Valean, EU Transport Commissioner  
  Opening speech  
  Mr Gunther Bonz, FEPORT President  
9:30 Session 1: What has happened in 2020 and 2021  
  Ms Anna Maria Darmanin, ETA Secretary General  
  Keynote speakers  
  Mr Mike Garratt, Chairman of MDS Transmodal  
  Mr Jordi Torrent, Strategy Director of Port of Barcelona  
10:00 Panel discussion  
  Mrs Jutta Paulus, Member of the European Parliament  
  Mr Mark Dickinson, Secretary General of Nautilus  
  Mr Michael DiBernardo, Deputy Executive Director, Marketing and Customer Relations of Port of LA  
  Mr Jens Roemer, Managing Director of Hartrodt  
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:15 Session 2: Recovery and path towards climate neutrality and growth  
  Ms Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, FEPORT Secretary General  
  Keynote speakers:  
  Mr Indra Vonck, Senior Manager at Deloitte  
  Mr Philippe Le Corre, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace  
11:45 Panel discussion  
  Mrs Vera Tax, Member of the European Parliament  
  Mr Federico Banos-Lindner, Vice President of External Relations of DP World  
  Mr Jaap Gebraad, Secretary General of Waterborne Technology Platform  
  Ms Sofia Papantoniadou, Feedback to Policy Coordinator for CEF – Transport, CINEA  
  Mr Henning Häder, Policy Director Issues at Eurelectric  
12:45 Wrap up  
  Ms Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, FEPORT Secretary General  
13:00 Closing speech  
  Ms Magda Kopczynska, Director Waterborne Transport of DG MOVE  




Session 1

Session 2



Download the conference booklet here.



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