Strasbourg, 13 September 2022

On the 13th of September, in Strasbourg, MEPs have voted for a new regulation which should ensure that products imported into the EU do not contribute to de-forestation.

Once the de-forestation regulation enters into force, companies will be obliged to verify that goods sold in the EU have not been produced on deforested or degraded land.

The Commission’s initial proposal covers six product types ie cocoa, coffee, cattle, palm-oil, soya and wood as well as end products that contain them (eg chocolate or leather).

Parliament, however, has voted to include an additional set of products such as poultry, maze, and rubber, also in this case including their end products as well.

The Regulation will affect the field of customs, for example, as a reference to a due diligence statement regarding de-forestation will be included in the customs declaration and information exchange between customs authorities and other competent authorities will be exchanged via the to be established EU Single Window Environment for Customs.