Brussels, 19 September 2022

On the 19th of September, FEPORT replied to the public consultation regarding the revision of the Union Customs Code (UCC). The EU Commission had opened this consultation in order to gather input for its UCC revision proposal, which is expected by Q4 2022.

In its reply, FEPORT underlined that one achievement of the current UCC framework is the implementation of the criteria of article 84.3 DA which stipulate the conditions for operators of temporary storage facilities to apply for a guarantee waiver. This possibility to apply for a waiver is crucial for terminal operators as otherwise they might need to block an amount of 10.000 EUR for each cargo unit they handle.

As of areas for improvement, FEPORT suggested to allow, under some circumstances, for the extension of the time limit for temporary storage from 90 to 120 days. Such a measure could help terminals to cope with congestion related consequences of future crises such as the recent ones related to COVID and the war against Ukraine.

Moreover, FEPORT underlined that, for a well-functioning Customs Union that enables frictionless trade, it is not only important to adopt good legislation, but also to invest in the relevant infrastructure needed for this such as border inspection points at rail crossings. This would improve the quality (price and speed) of freight transport options which cross several borders, of which some EU and others non-EU.

Finally, FEPORT recommended to include “container number” as mandatory field in the customs declaration with the aim of facilitating customs controls as well as to improve the information provision to economic operators regarding the free trade agreements the EU has in place with third countries.

Source: FEPORT