Brussels, 30 November 2022  

During the trialogue on the 30th of November, the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission reached a preliminary agreement regarding the inclusion of maritime emissions in EU ETS.

MEP Peter Liese, Rapporteur on EU ETS, added: “Compared to the Commission proposal, we agreed on substantial improvements. First, we not only include CO2 in the ETS but also methane and N2O. This is very important because some alternatives to bunker fuels also create problems for the climate if not managed properly. We increased the scope by including offshore vessels bigger than 5000 gross tonnage. These improvements alongside others bring a net benefit for the climate of 20 million tonnes of CO2. They will also increase the revenues which is why we were successful with earmarking 20 million allowances for specific projects in the shipping sector in the Innovation Fund/Climate Investment Fund”.  

Moreover, the three institutions compromised on the phasing in period – 3 years – with shipping companies surrendering allowances that cover 40% of their emissions in 2024, 70% in 2025 and 100% in 2026.  

The final trialogue negotiation round is scheduled for 16th and 17th December, to confirm the tentative agreement on shipping.

Source: MEP Peter Liese’s website