Brussels, 7 December 2022  


On the 7th of December 2022, FEPORT participated to the 7th plenary meeting of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF).

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the progress of the DTLF, i.e., the progress of Sub-Group 1 (electronic transport information) and Sub-Group 2 (corridor information systems) and the coordination between SG1 and SG2.

In the second part, the EU Commission provided an update regarding relevant policy developments, for example, regarding the upcoming “Mobility Data Space” communication which should facilitate the pooling, access and sharing of data and will link different already existing EU initiatives regarding data-sharing. Also, already existing pieces of legislation and proposals such as the Data Act and the Data Governance Act should be taken into account. A common data set in ports could be part of the Mobility Data Space.