Brussels, 13 December 2022  

On December 13th, 2022, has been held the final conference of the iTerminals project funded by the European Commission.

iTerminals 4.0 is a consortium of founding members of TIC4.0 who joined hands to work on a project to immediately test standards developed by TIC4.0 members in pilot projects around Europe and demonstrate their powerful applications. 

The result is an impressive demonstration that #WETALKTIC enables terminals to adopt at a low cost powerful tools such as #bigdataanalytics that allow terminals to make quantum leaps in bottle neck resolution, operation and maintenance optimisation, safety management to name just a few. 


Thanks to TIC4.0 and ITerminals4.0 innovation has become more accessible, cheaper and less risky for our industry, allowing not just the largest terminals to consider it.           

In addition to ZPMC , Hyster-Yale Group , RBS EMEACargotec who are part of ITerminals 4.0, several other leading suppliers to the terminal industry such as KonecranesNavisIdentec Solutions offer “TIC ready” products and solutions, and Prodevelop’s experience in developing BigData platforms provides now opportunities for any terminal operator to envisage BigData projects that will enhance its capabilities.         

iTerminals 4.0 was an important moment for all TIC 4.0 members to evaluate the fantastic results achieved so far and to discuss the next steps.