Hamburg, 10 January 2023  

HHLA has commissioned Linde Engineering to build a hydrogen filling station as part of its Clean Port & Logistics innovation cluster.

The filling station, that is expected to be operational in 2023, will be a part of the test centre for hydrogen powered port logistics at the Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT) in the Port of Hamburg.

The hydrogen filling station is being developed as part of HHLA’s Clean Port & Logistics cluster to fuel hydrogen-powered heavy goods vehicles and terminal equipment and to test them in operation.

HHLA and Linde Engineering

The heart of the filling station is an energy-efficient high-pressure ionic compressor that compresses the hydrogen up to 450 bars, thus allowing equipment such as straddle carriers, empty container stackers, forklift trucks, reach stackers, terminal tractor units and trucks to be refuelled with hydrogen efficiently. 

Head of the HHLA Hydrogen Network, Dr Georg Böttner, stated: “With the construction of the filling station, the required infrastructure is now being created to speed up the transition to emissions free heavy goods logistics and port operations, and to drive forward the decarbonisation of logistics”.

The aim of the project is to examine how hydrogen can be used to reliably supply power to harbour technology and port logistics.

This is happening in Hamburg, at the HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort, where hydrogen-powered equipment can be tested on port management and heavy cargo operations.

Source: Port Technology