Hamburg, 18 January 2023  

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG’s innovation unit (HHLA Next), invested in a start-up with approximately 100 employees named “FERNRIDE” based in Munich, Germany. FERNRIDE’s innovative solution aims to advance automation and sustainability in logistics and to address the shortage of truck drivers.  

A pilot project will start in early 2023 at the HHLA TK Estonia terminal in Tallinn, representing the first FERNRIDE project at a container terminal. The project seeks to determine the technology's operational reliability in automated container handling and to validate the technology's viability for future business opportunities.

The technology developed by the start-up will equip trucks and tractors with sensors and cameras so that they can be remotely controlled via mobile networks. Thanks to this technology, truck drivers can be more flexibly deployed and work remotely, increasing both the attractiveness of the job profile and safety on the respective premises.

The CEO of FERNRIDE, Hendrik Kramer, stated: "HHLA is the perfect partner to use our platform for autonomous electric trucking in ports. The advantages of remote control can already be actively used by a part of the workforce within ports”.

Simone Lode, Managing Director of HHLA Next added: “At HHLA Next, we invest in digital and sustainable business models in maritime logistics. We see great potential in autonomous driving solutions, also because of the current lack of truck drivers. With FERNRIDE, we are investing in a company that has already implemented a viable solution with a partner network of respected companies from industry and logistics with very good results”.

Source: HHLA