8-9 February 2024


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On the 9th of February, Mr. Maarten Boot, Policy Advisor at FEPORT provided the closing address at the Green Marine vessels Summit. The Green Marine Vessels Summit focussed on the energy transition of the maritime sector, focussing in particular on electrification.

In his presentation, Mr. Boot provided an overview of the challenges and opportunities that terminal operators are facing as a consequence of the EU’s environmental and climate legislation, in particular those proposals and regulations that are part of the “Fit for 55” and the “Greening Freight” packages.

Speaking about opportunities, Mr. Boot underlined how EU climate legislation incentivises the greening of terminal equipment and operations, while also requiring emission reductions from shipping.

Some aspects of the EU climate legislation, however, could possibly negatively affect cargo flows to and investments in EU ports and terminals. When EU ports’ competitiveness is jeopardized, Mr. Boot stressed, companies will be less likely to invest, including into green solutions, meaning that also the green transition is at stake.