13 February 2024


ETS copy


On the 13th of February, MEP Caroline Nagtegaal and Dutch Royal Shipowners’ Association (KVNR) organized a roundtable regarding the implementation of EU ETS Maritime to which FEPORT and other trade associations were invited.

The event was attended by maritime and port industry stakeholders, civil society and institutional stakeholders such as from the European Commission (DG MOVE and DG CLIMA) and the Dutch ministry of infrastructure and water management.

Important topics discussed included the reporting requirements for shipping companies, the refusal of some non-EU companies to participate in the EU’s scheme as well as the possible inclusion of ships below 5,000 GT.

The impact of ETS maritime on ports was also extensively discussed. FEPORT took the occasion to underline that possible impacts on the competitive position of ports in the EU should not be overlooked. ETS maritime also partially applies to voyages involving ports outside the EU, meaning its costs can be avoided if ports in the EU are replaced by non-EU ones. These concerns are particularly pressing for ports serving transhipment and relay traffic.

FEPORT therefore urged the Commission to closely monitor the impacts of ETS maritime on ports, underlining that measures should be taken immediately in case a negative impact is indeed established. Also shifts in investment flows should be thoroughly monitored.