15 January 2019


On 15 January, FEPORT participated in the first Plenary meeting of the second mandate of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF). The DTLF is a group of experts that brings together stakeholders from different transport and logistics communities from both the private and public sector.

It was established by the European Commission with a view to build a common vision and road map for digital transport and logistics. It is also mandated to help identify EU level measures and to support their development and implementation where relevant.

The DTLF plenary agreed that there was a need for the work of the DTLF to go into further detail and produce tangible benefits to logistics efficiency through digitalisation. FEPORT stressed there was a need for working groups to be created and disbanded as needed, and these work groups should focus on addressing specific operational issues or themes.


DTLF 2019 01 15a DTLF 2019 01 15b