Brussels, 29 January 2019


ELP Brexit 2019 01 29a


On 29 January, FEPORT participated to a dinner organized by the European Logistics Platform on Brexit hosted by MEP Caroline Nagtegaal (ALDE, Netherlands) during which representatives from commercial and non-commercial entities among others Honda and Portbase are preparing themselves for a (no-deal) Brexit and what MEPs could do to supports logistics’ efforts to address the challenges of a hard Brexit. 


ELP Brexit 2019 01 29b ELP Brexit 2019 01 29c


A ‘no deal’ Brexit would have important consequences in terms of market access conditions for transport operators, but also on the fluidity of traffic and robustness of supply chains. The contingency measures proposed by the European Commission to alleviate some of the negative consequences of a ‘no deal’ Brexit would help when adopted, but industry will definitely face significant challenges and will need to be creative and innovative to reorganize supply and logistics chains.