Brussels, 8 April 2019


On 08th April, FEPORT participated in the 1st meeting of the “sustainable ports” subgroup of the European Port Forum. Amongst other issues, the Forum was created by the European Commission advice to the Commission on initiatives to promote and support a uniform implementation of Regulation (EU) 2017/352 establishing a framework for the provision of port services and common rules on the financial transparency of ports.

The 1st subgroup meeting focused on possible measures that could assist in the sustainable development of ports. There was an agreement that there is a clear need to identify the various actors in ports and how they can take actions to improve port sustainability. The sub-group agreed to work towards clear deliverables which have a real added value and to coordinate with other Commission fora such as the European Sustainable Shipping Forum. 

Sustainable ports

FEPORT stressed the need to proceed to a mapping of the sources of pollution in ports and to identify the gaps in the significant legislative framework regarding environmental legislation applicable to ports before making additional proposals.

The European Maritime Safety Agency made an interesting presentation regarding the LNG Bunkering Guidance to Port Authorities and Administrations which could serve as a good practice when it comes to stimulating the uptake by port users of environmentally friendly solutions aiming at reducing shipping emissions in ports.