Brussels, 9 April 2019


On 09 April, FEPORT participated in the 54th Plenary meeting of the Trade Contact Group. FEPORT is a permanent member of the Trade Contact Group. The Trade Contact Group provides the European Commission with regular consultations at Union level on the development and implementation of customs related issues and developments of customs policy.

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The meeting focused on the revision of the Pan-Euro Mediterranean Convention, the legal situation that will exist once the United Kingdom exists the European Union and what provisions should be put in place to assist with trade, updates to the Union Customs Code and the development of ICS2 (Import Control System).

During the meeting, FEPORT welcomed the Commission’s initiative to raise awareness amongst SME’s regarding the realities of trading with the United Kingdom once it becomes a third country. In the event of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union, it is crucial that all actors in the logistics chain have a good understanding of their responsibilities regarding trade with third countries.