Brussels, 10 April 2019


On the 10th of April, FEPORT was invited to attend KNect365 conference on “Competition Law Challenges in the Shipping Sector”. The event touched upon different and crucial subjects for our industry, such as Brexit, Consortia BER and state aid.

Among the speakers, there were Henrik Morch, Head of Unit at DG Comp, who presented the European Commission’s current priorities in the Sipping sector, and Martin Dorsman, Secretary General of ECSA, who spoke in the panel regarding Brexit.

The speaker for the panel dedicated to Consortia BER was Matthew Levitt, partner at Baker Botts LLP. Mr Levitt explained why, in his opinion, the Consortia BER should be extended as it is and strongly asserted its usefulness, as he fins it to be efficient, relevant and bearer of indisputable EU added value, without which EU economy could be highly affected.