Dublin, 16-17 April 2019


On 16-17 April, the European Commission, on behalf of Motorways of the Sea, organised a joint seminar on Ireland’s European Connectivity. The joint seminar had a strong focus on Ireland’s connectivity to continental Europe post-Brexit, the continued viability of the “land-bridge” and possible short-sea alternatives.

Joint Seminar on Irelands European Connectivity

The seminar focused on existing maritime connections in the Atlantic Ocean and how this is expected to evolve in the coming years. In general, there was a recognition that there is currently not enough capacity to shift all “land bridge” cargo onto short sea, and whether such an alternative would be desirable for shippers’.

The seminar also focused on Ireland’s connections specifically in the context of Brexit, and possible risks and benefits. The primary conclusion on this topic was that the current level of uncertainty over the status of the United Kingdom was problematic as business needs clarity.