Brussels, 12 April 2019


On 12 April, FEPORT participated in the DTLF (Digital Transport and Logistics) subgroup 2 (corridor freight information systems) meeting.

The DTLF is forum established by the European Commission that brings together stakeholders from different transport and logistics communities, from both the private and the public sector, with a view to build a common vision and road map for digital transport and logistics.

DTLF 20190412

The meeting focused discussing priorities, structure and the work programme of subgroup 2 dealing with corridor freight information systems, with the intention being to allow the work to enter into specific topics that will have a real added value for the logistics chain.

FEPORT is of the view that the DTLF should focus on increasing the efficiency of European logistics and supply chains, and, where possible, assisting existing industry initiatives in creating a truly integrated and interoperable logistics environment.