Brussels, 18-19 June 2019

On 18 June, FEPORT participated in a Sub-group 2 (corridor information systems) meeting of the DTLF (Digital Transport and Logistics Forum) and, on 19 June, in the Plenary meeting of the DTLF.

The DTLF is forum established by the European Commission that brings together stakeholders from different transport and logistics communities, from both the private and the public sector, with a view to build a common vision and road map for digital transport and logistics. The sub-group meeting focused on how to organise the work of the sub-group so as to ensure that the sub-group can work on issues that have a tangiable added value to logistics.

The Plenary discussed the wider work of the Forum. In particular, the Plenary focused on updates of the work of the DTLF sub-groups as well as the organisation and operations of the sub-group. FEPORT supports the DTLF’s objective to facilitiate the uptake of digital solutions in transport and the creation of a truly interoperable European transport environment.