Brussels, 21 June 2019

On 21 June, FEPORT particiapted in a Motorways of the Sea Forum meeting on “Motorways of the Sea: Today and Tomorrow”. The Motorways of the Sea initiative was established by the European Commission and aims to introduce new intermodal maritime-based logistics chains in Europe, which should improve European transport organisation within the years to come. These chains are intended to be more sustainable, and should be commercially more efficient than road-only transport.


FEPORT was invited to speak on a panel on “Maritime links and connection to the hinterland” and stressed that it has to be accepted that, to date, European initiatives have not been successful in achieving modal shift.

In this regard, FEPORT underlined the necessity for the MoS initiative to push for an enhanced connectivity for European ports (i.e. good hinterland connections for rail and inland waterways).

FEPORT also mentioned that there is a need to facilitate the uptake of digital technologies in logistics. Where possible, MoS should draw inspiration from the work of the DTLF which deals with digitalisation in transport.