Brussels, 21 June 2019

As a member of the Platform for Change, FEPORT participated to the meeting of Women in Transport that took place on the 21st of June.

Launched on 27 November 2017, this Platform aims to boost women's employment in the transport sector and to encourage equal opportunities for women and men. The Platform allows its members to discuss and exchange about good practices.

During the meeting, some members’ actions such as Aviadoras’ Mentoring program were presented.

From our side, FEPORT presented the Respect Campaign that was launched in the Port of Antwerp in November 2018.

She gets the job donepdf

The Campaign is the result of a joint work between CEPA (port emplyers in the port of Antwerp as well as ETF’s Women Committee). It aimed at raising awareness among male dockers about the necessity to establish a positive atmosphere not only towards female dockers, but for everyone in the workplace.

With the slogans Male or female, young or old, black or white, day or night: we’re a strong team with respect for diversity! and She gets the job done!, the campaign promotes diversity and at the same time to increase the number of women dockers.

By tackling different targets groups - i.e. age, colour, shift, etc. –, the campaign was conceived to convey a positive message, avoiding the victimisation of female workers.

The positive approach of the campaign was appreciated by the members of the Platform.