Brussels, 16 July 2019

On 16 July, FEPORT participated in the first meeting of the interim governance-board of the European Rail Facilities Portal. The Portal is an EU-funded, common, user-friendly and market-oriented GIS-based ICT tool, mapping and providing key information on the rail service facilities (e.g. train stations, intermodal terminals, marshalling yards and refuelling facilities) and last-mile infrastructure (e.g. public and private sidings) all over Europe. It also provides information on the availability of rail-related services (e.g. locomotive repair and maintenance, refuelling and customs clearance).

Given that port terminals often have rail facilities, FEPORT has been identified as one of the key stakeholders to participate in the interim governance-board. FEPORT supports measures that have a real impact in increasing the attractiveness of rail whilst not creating excessive administrative burdens on port operators.