Brussels, 26 November 2019

On Tuesday the 26th of November, ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity has published a report on cybersecurity at ports.

The report aims to serve as a guidance for ports that want to strengthen their cybersecurity and has people working on cybersecurity issues for both Port Authorities as well as Terminal Operators as its audience.

The report discusses current cybersecurity threats and challenges and identifies a number of key cyberattack scenarios. Moreover, the report identifies the main port infrastructure and services and lists the main stakeholders in the port ecosystem. The report gives an overview of current cybersecurity measures that serve as best practices and recommends measures Port Authorities and Terminal Operators can take to improve cybersecurity.

The report recommends that cybersecurity should not only be viewed as paramount to be able to keep pace with the current technological evolutions, but should also be seen as an enabler of further developments and automation. Moreover, the report recommends Port Authorities and Terminal Operators to go beyond the described best practices and to also address additional topics, such as:

  • Awareness raising about cybersecurity at board and staff level. 
  • Improved information sharing amongst port operators and between port operators and other maritime stakeholders.
  • Good practices can be adopted or investigated to address cybersecurity in the supply chain.
  • Interdependencies cybersecurity risks can be integrated in the overall cyber risk management process.

Source: FEPORT and ENISA