Brussels, 6 December 2019

Friday the 6th of December, FEPORT Secretariat attended the first meeting of the Data thematic team of the Single Window (EMSWe) Expert Group. The EMSWe regulation, which already entered into force last summer, aims to establish harmonised rules for the provision of information during port calls, by ensuring that the same dataset is used for the reporting to the different National Single Windows.

To establish this dataset, the Commission is drafting a Delegated Regulation, to be concluded by August 2021, which will contain a list of data elements stemming from the reporting obligations spelled out in the EMSWe regulation. The EMSWe data team is mandated to advise the European Commission on the content of the dataset. DG MOVE, EMSA and DG TAXUD participate in the data team meetings on a permanent basis and also Member States are represented. Industry associations can be invited as observers.

This first meeting was of a rather introductory nature and discussed topics such as the exact mandate of the data team and the principles that will be used to compile the EMSWe dataset.