Brussels, 15 January 2020

On the 15th of January, FEPORT Secretary-General attended a workshop on the EMSWe dataset and underlying business processes, together with ECASBA and FONASBA representing the shipping agents.

The European Maritime Single Window environment, which entered into force in July 2019, aims to reduce the administrative burden on ships calling at EU ports by creating one maximum EU dataset, so ships have to report information only once. For FEPORT, EMSWe related discussions are very relevant to follow, as the EMSWe regulation also contains customs related reporting obligations and the regulation also alludes to the sharing of information regarding estimated times of arrival and departure.

The workshop was organized by DG MOVE, European Maritime Safety Agency EMSA and KPMG. To advise the European Commission on the dataset stemming from the reporting obligations, KPMG is conducting a study to describe the data submission process during a port call.