Brussels, 21 January 2020

On the 21st of January, FEPORT attended the Digital Inland Navigation (DINA) Commission Expert Group, which took place at the Charlemagne building of the European Commission.

One important agenda item dealt with the positioning of the “inland community” towards the DTLF. This part of the discussion was let by the Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) Platform. The DTLF consists of various committees and subgroups which are of possible relevance to inland navigation and various members of DINA also participate in the DTLF discussions. The participants argued that the common voice of inland navigation in DTLF discussions would be much stronger if the various DINA members aligned their positions and spoke with one voice at the DTLF.

Another part of the discussions dealt with the “Digital Synergies Study” commissioned by DG MOVE. This study aims to facilitate the digitalisation of the inland waterway transport sector, mainly by identifying digital solutions that are used in other transport modes such as road, rail or maritime and assessing through feasibility studies whether these solutions could also work in inland navigation. One of the possibilities dealt with in this Digital Synergies Study is the possible extension of EMSWe to the inland waterway transport sector.