Brussels, 23 January 2020

On the 23rd of January, the Waterborne Community – consisting of stakeholders such as shipbuilders, port operators, shipowners, classification societies and research institutes – gathered for the Waterborne General Assembly.

Waterborne Jan 2020

During the Waterborne GA, much of the discussions dealt with the next steps in preparing the Co-Programmed partnership in the framework of Horizon Europe.

The Waterborne Partnership has been approved in October 2019 and FEPORT welcomed this development considering it as a good step towards not only the development of maritime technology solutions that will enable zero-emission shipping, but also as a means to foster green multi-modal transport solutions, improved data-sharing between parties throughout the (maritime) logistics chain and greener and more efficient port operations, among others through automation and digitalization.

If everything goes well, the Waterborne Partnership will enter into force by 1 January 2021. The budget has not yet been set and will depend on how much money will be allocated to Horizon Europe under the next EU Budget (2021-2027) and on how much money the Member States and Commission decide to allocate for Horizon Europe specifically.

To further elaborate on the Partnership, the Waterborne TP is currently developing a “Guidance Document” and a “Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda”. Both documents were extensively discussed during the Waterborne GA. During the meeting it was also frequently mentioned that an increased involvement of port stakeholders in the partnership was most welcome.