Brussels, 3 February 2020

On the 10th of February, FEPORT participated in the second meeting of the EMSWe Interfaces Thematic team at Centre Albert Borschette.

The purpose of the Interface Thematic Team meetings is to discuss how the IT architecture and individual components of the EMSW environment should look like.

The team among others discussed the common functionalities of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), where declarants under EMSWe can submit the data they are obliged to in accordance with the Annex of the EMSWe regulation. Declarants can among others upload this data through spreadsheets. The idea is to also define harmonized spreadsheets, that can be used to upload data through the GUI.

FEPORT strives for the inclusion of all relevant data elements in the dataset and is in favour of enabling all data elements to be submitted through the Graphical User Interface and the harmonized spreadsheets.