Brussels, 11 February 2020

On the 11th of February, FEPORT attended the second meeting of the EMSWe data thematic team.

The European Maritime Single Window environment regulation, which entered into force in July 2019, contains a list of reporting obligations, spelling out in general which information needs to be provided during port calls. Now, the European Commission seeks to adopt an implementing regulation, laying down the EMSWe dataset with a more detailed description of data elements to be reported during port calls. Information in this dataset will among others be related to customs, but also to the safety of port workers when they conduct loading and unloading activities on board of bulk carriers.

To inform the establishment of the EMSWe dataset, DG MOVE commissioned a study to KPMG to describe the business processes behind the reporting obligations laid down in the annex to the EMSWe regulation. In that regard, workshops with industry representatives, among which FEPORT, were held in January. The study was also briefly discussed during the meeting.