Brussels, 18 February 2020

On February 18th, 2020, as part of the Shipping events, the European Network of Maritime Clusters held its bi-annual stakeholder meeting. The meeting has been been opened by Commissioner Sinkevicius who gave a keynote speech, Marjolein van Noort, ENMC Coordinator, moderated the exchanges.


Most maritime associations as well as ENMC members were present while some members of the European Commission and European Parliament also participated to the exchanges.

The discussions offered an opportunity to evoke the challenges and opportunities for the European maritime sector and to highlight what should be the key priorities for ENMC in 2020.


It was announced that ENMC would seek to collect data to illustrate the strength of the maritime clusters and Arjen Uytendaal, Chairman of the ENMC reiterated the importance of the cooperation between ENMC and European maritime organizations in Brussels.