Brussels, 19 February 2020

On the 19th of February, FEPORT attended the 56th plenary meeting of the Trade Contact Group.

One of the agenda items was the customs in the EU 2040 project. This project aims at developing foresight scenarios regarding customs in the future and what this means for policymaking today. Another goal is to generate a vision for customs in 2040.

The TCG also got updated about the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, which the Commission might propose in 2021 provided that no progress is made in the EU’s efforts to encourage the rest of the world to set bold climate targets as well. Different models for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism are still being discussed, while taking into account the need to be compatible with WTO rules.

Finally, an update on the implementation of the Union Customs Code was provided, focusing on amendments to the UCC delegated act.