Brussels, 10 March 2020

On the 10th of March 2020, the European Commission issued its communication on the Single Market Enforcement Action Plan. Great part of this action plan is about ensuring the proper enforcement and implementation of the rules of the single market as well as removing still existing barriers to the free movement of people and goods. The Action Plan departs from the assumption that whereas Member States are obliged to apply those rules they have agreed upon and to ensure enforcement, the Commission has the responsibility to monitor Member States’ compliance, and act through infringement procedures if necessary.

One of the key measures of the action plan would be to establish a Single Market Enforcement Task Force, made up of Member States and Commission representatives. This task force will among others be charged to assess the compliance of national with single market rules and will monitor the implementation of the Single Market Enforcement Action Plan. The taskforce will regularly inform the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) of the European Parliament as well as the Competitiveness Council.

With a Single Market scoreboard, Member States and the Commission will have a performance-monitoring tool at their disposal to assess the application of Single Market rules.

National authorities will also be helped through setting up a central information point, where civil servants can raise any practical issues they may have regarding the day-to-day application of Single Market Rules. Moreover, based on their specific needs and performance, Member States can be eligible for Capacity Building programs.

Aside from facilitating the monitoring efforts of Member States and the Commission, attention is also paid to improving business’ access to information. Through the Single Digital Gateway, business will have access to information on single market rules, allowing them to conform and comply.

The Single Market Enforcement Action Plan also looks into facilitating customs’ controls. In that regard, the use of digital tools will be encouraged and looked into.