Brussels, 24 March 2020

The joint procurement of personal protective equipment to fight the corona crisis launched on the 17th of March has proven successful, the European Commission communicated through a press release on the 24th of March.

In some cases, the offers received constituted even higher quantities than those requested by the Member States taking part in the procurement.

The procurement covers essential equipment that healthcare professionals need to do their work safely and limit the further spread of covid-19 such as gloves, masks, face-shields and overalls.

Normally, this equipment will be available in two weeks, after the Member States have signed the contracts with the producers.

Maritime logistics is of vital importance in this crisis with respect to its key role in ensuring security of supplies. Port companies and seaport terminals need to guarantee a safe working environment to their personnel and take efficient measures to contain the spread of coronavirus. It is for this reason that FEPORT has called on Member States to ensure the supply of personal protective equipment to port workers so that continuity of work is ensured within European ports.