Brussels, 23 March 2020

On the 16th of March, the European Commission already presented Guidelines for border measures in order to protect health and avoid the disruption of the transport of essential goods or the provision of essential services. Member States were encouraged to designate priority lanes, so called Green Lanes, for freight transport.

Monday the 23rd of March, the European Commission issued a communication on the implementation on these green lanes for freight transport, which also contains relevant provisions for port and terminal operations.

For example, it is recommended that measures are taken to deliver enhanced hygiene in ports, priority staff should be designated, and measures shall be taken to ensure disinfection. In Annex II of the communication, recommendations can be found to ensure the safety of transport workers.

Moreover, due to their role in ensuring the continuous flows of essential goods (e.g. food, medicines, personal protective equipment), transport workers are recognized as priority groups in the distribution of personal protection equipment such as disinfection products and gloves.