Brussels, 2 April 2020

DG MOVE has set up an expert group on the inland transport of dangerous goods, and calls for  experts who can apply until the 8th of May.

This expert group will assist the Commission in the preparation of delegated acts with the aim of adapting the annexes of Directive 2008/68/EC on the inland transport of dangerous goods, Directive 95/50/EC on uniform procedures for checks on the transport of dangerous goods by roads, and Directive 2010/35/EU on transportable pressure equipment.

Directive 2008/68/EC transposes the ADR/RID agreements on the International Carriage of Dangerous goods by respectively road and rail into EU law.

The group can also address issues of implementation of the above-mentioned Directives, including Directive 2008/68/EC.

The group will have up to 70 members, consisting of:

  • Member States’ authorities;
  • Other public entities, e.g. Union bodies, international organizations responsible for the inland transport of dangerous goods;
  • Organizations such as trade associations, companies, NGOs and trade unions.