Brussels, 24 April 2020

On the 24th of April, FEPORT responded to the roadmap on the ReFuel Eu maritime initiative. With ReFuel EU maritime, the European Commission seeks to stimulate the demand on part of shipping for low emission alternative fuels and energy sources.

FEPORT replied to the roadmap agreeing that it is essential to stimulate the demand of sustainable alternative fuels in order to facilitate zero-emission shipping in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal, adding that it is important to not only focus on GHG emissions at sea, but to also take into account the harmful effects of emissions of NOx, SOx and particulate matter on the health of coastal populations.

At the same time, FEPORT’s response underlined that attention should be paid that ReFuel EU maritime and related policy measures – e.g. the Energy Taxation and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directives - work towards the same goal. Moreover, the role of LNG as a transitional fuel was recalled and a plea was made to allow for a tax exemption for all clean fuels and energy sources, including OPS.

Finally, the response emphasized the importance of technology neutrality; It is still uncertain which fuel or energy source will be the silver bullet to reduce the environmental footprint of shipping, so the principle of technological neutrality should be embraced to allow to react to future technological and market developments and to foster innovation.