Brussels, 15 April 2021

On the 15th of April, FEPORT attended the Cool Logistics webinar “Containing COVID-19: Containerization’s Role in Global Vaccine Logistics”.

cool logistics event 

During the morning debate, panelists discussed the role of containerization in global vaccine logistics, and its expectations, challenges and opportunities.

The speakers pointed out that the key element for the logistic chain is data transparency and data exchange so that the infrastructure can expedite as seamlessly as possible. The needed technologies and infrastructures for the delivery of vaccines are already present, and ocean freight companies have the know-how to distribute vaccines as already 1-2% of all products transported by sea are pharmaceutical products.

It was pointed out that pharmaceutical companies should embrace containerization and should shift the distribution of vaccines from air to maritime freight. Although the volumes of COVID-19 vaccines supplies are still quite low, maritime transport can ensure an efficient service and has the capability to handle the rising number of vaccines that will be shipped in the near future.