Brussels, 15 April 2021

On the 15th of April, the TRAN Committee held a meeting with the European Coordinators in charge of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor, the North Sea-Mediterranean corridor and the Motorways the Sea. The discussion focused on the progress and challenges in the implementation of the TEN-T core network and gave MEPs an opportunity to ask questions related to the work of the three coordinators.

Professor Kurt Bodewig, Motorways of the Sea Coordinator, presented the detailed implementation plan for the Motorways of the Sea. Mr. Bodewig explained how Brexit remains a major issue to be tackled, alongside with climate change and environmental degradation as the transport sector’s GHG emissions represent nowadays a quarter of the EU’s total emissions.

The Coordinator stressed that investments are needed in all transport modes to address the threat of climate change as well as the recovery of the EU economy following the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the maritime sector can be part of the solution. The modal shift from road to maritime transport must increase, especially on short sea shipping routes.