Brussels, 20 April 2021

On the 20th of April, FEPORT attended the sub-group 2 meeting of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum which deals with corridor information systems.

During the meeting, an update regarding the progress of SG2 was provided. For example, concerning the coordination with FEDeRATED and FENIX as well as interaction with SG1 and the implementation of the work program.

One important goal is to create a federated network of platforms for data-sharing which has one single entry point and that consists of different data-sharing solutions (e.g. platforms) that will need to become interoperable. Implementation guidelines regarding how to plug and operate in the federated network of platforms are expected by 2022.  The final goal would be to allow companies to do business in a digital way, without the need to reach a bilateral agreement on data-sharing first.

The semantics of a common model for data-sharing was also discussed. Standards of different modalities should serve as input to this model. The common model should be aligned to different existing models such as the ones of WCO, UN/CEFACT and IATA.