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YILPORT becomes a member of FEPORT


Brussels, March 8th, 2018

YILPORT Holding Inc. was established in August 2011 to consolidate port and container terminal operations of Yildirim Group under one roof.

YILPORT’s marine terminals portfolio includes 5 terminals in Turkey, 7 in Portugal, 2 in Sweden, 2 in Spain, 1 in Norway, 1 in Malta, 1 in Peru, and 1 in Ecuador. In addition, YILPORT’s dry terminals portfolio includes 3 in Gebze, and 2 in Gemlik in Turkey, and the Stockholm Nord Dry Terminal in Sweden. YILPORT’s consolidated annual handling capacity is calculated over 10 million TEUs in containers, 22 million tons of dry bulk and general cargo, 2.15 million cubic meters of liquid cargo, and ro-ro capacity of 1,000,000 CEUs.

In 2017, YILPORT has achieved outstanding business results. The group’s terminals handled 4.3 million TEU containers, reporting 9.5% year-on-year container volume growth compared to 2016 performance. The main drivers of growth were Turkey’s growing seaborne trade and Swedish exports. This growth has allowed YILPORT to be ranked as 13th on Drewry international terminal operators list in 2017.

In 2017, YILPORT also recorded 9.5 million tons of general cargo volume, 364,100 CEU ro-ro operations and 3.67 million cubic meters of liquid cargo volume.

"We are following our vision to be TOP 10 operator and focusing upon to realize a strong organic as well as inorganic growth within all YILPORT occupations. So, as well we are increasing our footprint in EUROPE and it is logically following the need to be more present within the European political environment.

FEPORT offers us a good platform and network to get in touch with the European politicians as well as to team up with other members acting in our industry to communicate common thoughts and interests. We are glad to join the group and look forward to very interesting discussions” commented Mr. Christian Blauert, CEO of YILPORT.

"We are very glad to welcome YILPORT as new member of FEPORT. Our organization is increasing the geographical scope of the representation of terminal operators and private port companies. A group like YILPORT is bringing an insightful customer experience and we are delighted to have them on board. It is crucial to join forces to raise awareness about the main challenges our industry is facing” said Mr. Gunther Bonz, President of FEPORT.


For more information, please contact:
Mr. Christian Blauert, CEO of Yilport
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Ms. Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, Secretary General of FEPORT
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T: +32 2 736 75 52


More on YILPORT:

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Yilport Holding started activities in 2004 by acquiring Sedef Port, a former shipyard from STFA Holding. In 2005, the Group acquired Alemdar Holding, Inc. and subsequently merged the two operations to create YILPORT Container Terminal and Port Operators, Inc.

The Home Terminal at YILPORT Gebze was expanded and fitted with 8 STS cranes, a pioneering installation of APS crane, and OCR integration with NAVIS N4 in Turkey. The RTG’s were electrified and the standard was set for Turkish ports in terms of productivity, efficiency, safety and customer dedication.

YILPORT initiated the Gemlik terminal project in 2011, designed to handle the largest of vessels, previously not able to dock in Turkey. In the same period, the company acquired Gemport, a leading 600,000 TEU capacity container and Ro-Ro facility adjacent to the Gemlik project.
In 2011, 50% of the Malta Freeport ownership was conferred to YILDIRIM Group who passed this on to YILPORT. YILPORT’s portofolio was expanded further through the acquisition of Rotaport in 2012.
In 2014, YILPORT acquired Gävle Container Terminal in Sweden and Port of Oslo in Norway, further expanding to the Nordic region. In 2015, Tertir portfolio, which consists of 10 ports and terminals, 7 in Portugal, 2 in Spain and 1 in Peru has been acquired and completed in 2016 by Solventas Technical Storage Co., the largest liquid terminal in Turkey. The same year, YILPORT has also secured the rights to Baltic Sea Gateway in Sweden thus enabling the group to become the sole operator in Port of Gävle.
In 2016 YILPORT won the concession of Puerto Bolivar Terminal at Ecuador, further expanding to the Latin America region. The operations at Puerto Bolivar is started in the first quarter of 2017.
YILPORT Holding aims to create world-class, multipurpose facilities on an international scale. This vision is powered by the company’s growth strategy to become a top 10 global port operator by 2025.


More on FEPORT:
Since 1993, FEPORT represents the interests of large variety of terminal operators and stevedoring companies performing operations and carrying out activities over 400 terminals in the seaports of the European Union. FEPORT speaks on behalf more than 1200 companies.

FEPORT’s aim is to promote the interests of its members i.e. national associations and global multinational companies and to maintain constant dialogue with all EU institutional and non-institutional stakeholders.



FEPORT Press Release - Yilport becomes a member of FEPORT - March 8th 2018