Press Release

BMF Port Burgas and TECHCARGO become members of FEPORT


Brussels, November 28th, 2018

During its annual General Assembly meeting held on November 28th, 2018, FEPORT members have formally welcomed two new members: BMF Port of Burgas as a full member and TECHCARGO LLC as an associate member.

BMF is a privately-owned port operator of terminal Burgas East 2 and terminal Burgas West, part of the national public port of Burgas.

BMF Port Burgas EAD offers individual solutions to its customers including high quality services at each step of the transport and cargo handling.

The facilities available at the port enable both terminals to practically handle any type of bulk and general cargo, containers and trailers, as well as liquid cargo at the specialized berth #20A.

"We are thrilled to become part of such a powerful organization! It feels like a great privilege to be the first that shall put Bulgaria in the «roundtable” of FEPORT. At the same time, it is a huge responsibility to make it all count for our small region.” commented Mr. Boris Balev, CEO of BMF Port of Burgas.

"We are very glad to welcome BMF Port of Burgas as new member of FEPORT. BMF Port of Burgas is a major player of the Bulgarian port industry and a significant contributor to its competitive edge. Through BMF Port of Burgas FEPORT expands its geographic coverage to include Bulgarian operators and we are really looking forward to joining efforts to continue to promote the interests of our industry. More than never, it is essential to raise awareness about the contribution of the private sector to the European Economy and the creation of EU based jobs” said Mr Gunther Bonz, President of FEPORT.

TECHCARGO LLC is an Ukrainian port operator currently aiming at constructing and operating a Marine Terminal Complex (MTC) including 3 terminals located in the Yuzhny Seaport, Black Sea (Odessa region, Ukraine).

“We are glad to become a part of such a great community as FEPORT. Currently we are on the stage of developing our MTC project, and being a member of sea ports highly professional organization is a significant step for our company. We hope for our strong cooperation and close involvement in FEPORT everyday activity” said Mr. Vladimir Kabachenko, Project manager, TECHARGO LLC.

"MTC terminal is a significant project and we are happy to welcome TECHCARGO as an associate member because we think that it is important to know about all projects that are realized in the EU neighborhood region. We are looking forward to following the works that will take place in Odessa and exchange with our colleagues from TECHCARGO” commented FEPORT president, Mr Gunther Bonz.


For more information, please contact:

Mr Boris Balev, CEO of BMF Port of Burgas
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Mr Vyacheslav Boyalskyi - Technical Project Director, TECHAGRO LLC
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Ms. Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, Secretary General of FEPORT
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 Press Release - BMF Burgas and TECHCARO become members of FEPORT