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Adoption of the Ports Regulation compromise text in TRAN Committee: A step forward but in need of a clear mandate


Brussels, January 26th, 2016

Yesterday afternoon, the Transport Committee of the European Parliament adopted the compromise amendments which resulted from the discussions between MEP and Rapporteur Knut Fleckenstein and the Shadow Rapporteurs on the proposal for the Port Services Regulation.

“We really appreciate the efforts that have been made by all involved parties to find agreement and we value the good cooperation we had with Rapporteur Fleckenstein and the Shadow Rapporteurs as well as with all MEPs with whom we had a chance to exchange. FEPORT was skeptical about the added value of the initial version of the text because it was mainly focusing on market access to port services at a moment European ports are facing other important challenges in a context of a depressed growth. We have been glad to see that Rapporteur Fleckenstein has taken the option of an inclusive dialogue involving different stakeholders. ” commented FEPORT’s Secretary General, Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid

“We particularly support the exclusion of cargo handling from chapter II, organization of port services. The competitiveness of the cargo handling industry is thus recognized, particularly in a context where efforts to respond to customers’ demand are so significant in terms of investments and continuous adaptation” continued Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid. 

Over the last ten years, private terminal operators, members of FEPORT, have invested upwards of 40 Billion Euros in infrastructure and equipment. “This is the reason why we value the reference in the compromise text to the necessity for managing bodies of ports to engage in sustainable consultation with private investors who make significant investments” explained Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid.

FEPORT also subscribes to the progress made to ensure that financial transparency prevails when Port Authorities undertake commercial activities which compete with existing private operators.

Last but not least, the inclusion of references to social dialogue and training have also been supported by FEPORT and been the subject of an agreement with ETF.

Regarding the necessary mandate to Rapporteur Fleckenstein to start the negotiations with Council and the Commission, Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid stated “we hope that MEPs will reconsider the issue of the mandate soon to allow M. Fleckenstein to continue his good work on behalf of the European Parliament”.


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FEPORT Press Release - Adoption of the Ports Regulation compromise text in TRAN Committee: A step forward but in need of a clear mandate