On October 21st, 2014, the members of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Ports have ratified two joint papers dealing with “Recommendations on Women’s Employment in the Port Sector” and “Training and Qualifications”.

The joint paper on “Training and Qualification” aims at starting discussions on training guidelines in order to address current and future training issues in European ports. These guidelines would take into consideration future training needs of the sector in light of technological and logistical changes and changes in customer demand. At same time, the aim would be to ensure that guidelines remain relevant to both employers and employees in terms of health and safety as well as competitiveness of the sector.

The joint paper “Recommendations on Women’s Employment in the Port Sector” expresses social partners’ concerns on the low levels of women employed as port workers, especially taking into consideration the evolution of the nature of port work. Port employers and employees engaged with this joint paper to guarantee equal opportunities and working conditions for women, promote the sector’s image in terms of female integration, and boost and the evolution of recruitment policies aimed at attracting female candidates to the sector.