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January 20th, 2020

The Terminal Industry Committee (TIC 4.0), which gathers 20 members, representing many leading terminal operators, well-known port equipment manufacturers and solutions providers, has been formally registered in Brussels on the 19th of Nov 2019 and granted legal personality by Royal Decree on December 20th, 2019. TIC 4.0 members have gathered on January 16th, 2020 for a plenary meeting at PSA offices in Antwerp.

The Executive Council of TIC 4.0 gathers 7 members who represent FEPORT, PEMA as well as major corporations.

Mr Boris Wenzel, Managing Director of Terminal Link, is the President of TIC 4.0 and Mr Norbert Klettner, Managing Director of RBS-EMEA, has been elected as the Vice-President.

Mr Frank Kho, an industry veteran who worked for terminal operators as well as equipment manufacturers, has been appointed as CEO of TIC 4.0.

Mrs Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, Secretary General of FEPORT, and Mr Ottonel Popesco, President of PEMA, represent the two organizations who have politically supported the establishment of TIC 4.0.

The other members of the Executive Council are Mr Stephan Gosiau, Technical Director of PSA, and Mr Jari Hamalainen, Director Automation at Kalmar.

Besides the 20 members of TIC 4.0, who are Hyster-Yale, Kalmar, KoneCranes, Kuenz, Liebherr, NAVIS, Phoenix Lighting, RBS, SICK, TBA, TMEIC, ZPMC, APMT, Bollore, Eurogate, Port of Koper, PSA, Terminal Link, MMC Ports and Yilport, several other organizations have expressed their interest to join this unique initiative.

The mission of TIC 4.0 is to promote, define and adopt standards that will enable cargo-handling industry to embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution.

A closer interaction between terminals and manufacturers with the objective of the elaboration of industry standards will favour the development of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and further technological innovations in the port sector. Innovation will also be the best means to support sustainable and efficient port operations.

The initial objectives of TIC 4.0 are as follows:

  • Define and agree on a common semantics and definitions among the companies involved in the cargo handling industry, both terminal operators and port solution providers.
  • Develop communication protocols and frameworks that will be adopted by the port industry players for seamless data communication regardless the manufacturer or type of equipment/machine.
  • Facilitate the inter-operability of different information sub-systems of a cargo handling facility.
  • Promote the adoption of selected existing standards and those developed by TIC 4.0 by the sector.

The work on standards and definitions will now continue. All members will be active in one or more working groups to reflect upon specific definitions.

“I really feel that both energy and commitment prevail among TIC 4.0 members to achieve the goals we have set. I believe that to achieve these goals, the cooperation between terminal operators and solution providers is a great critical success factor.” said Frank Kho, TIC 4.0 CEO.

“TIC 4.0 members all believe that the work on standardization is of utmost importance for our industry in the context of increased digitalization of the supply chain. It will also enable the adoption of innovative processes and solutions.” added Mr Boris Wenzel, President of TIC 4.0.



If you are interested to join TIC 4.0 or to have more information, please contact:

Mr Frank Kho


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Press Release - Work on standardisation has started within TIC 4.0