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Press Releases 2022


FEPORT welcomes SEINEPORT Union as a new member and calls on policy makers for more support to solve bottlenecks in the maritime logistics chain



Press Release - Provision of OPS in ports: FEPORT calls on the TRAN Committee to clearly define the role of each port stakeholder



Press Release - Closure and delays in the Port of Shanghai: FEPORT calls for an urgent initiative from the EU Commission to gather all interested parties to discuss contingency plans




Press Releases 2021


“Fit for 55 proposals”: Joint Contribution of the Waterborne and intermodal transport organizations



Press Release - FEPORT calls for a real factual debate with respect to the causes of the current disruption in the maritime logistics chain



Press Release - FEPORT welcomes the “Fit for 55” proposals but underlines the need to acknowledge and support the efforts of port stakeholders



Press Release - FEPORT welcomes G7 agreement on minimum taxation of multinationals and calls on OECD countries to include cargo handling in the scope of BEPS Pillar 2



Press Release - Successful vessel call optimization combines port and ship centric approaches



Joint Press Release - Social Dialogue for Ports is more than “ticking boxes” in the framework of EU consultations



Joint Press Release - Recovery and Resilience Facility | Transport keeps us going forward



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