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A strong message from G20 leaders about global playing field to be converted into concrete actions

Press Release: G20 Summit outcome - a strong signal to be converted into actions



Estonian Presidency of the European Union - FEPORT priorities on Digitalisation 

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The positive spirit that prevails within the European Social Dialogue for Ports should not be undermined by local developments             

Press Release - Social Dialogue for Ports - June 29th 2017



Press Release: "I AM" members agree on priority topics for 2018 and adopt a first position paper on digitalization

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Ports are key assets which require a more strategic approach from national and European policy makers and regulators

 FEPORT - Press Release - General Assembly Klaipeda June 5th 2017 final



FEPORT welcomes the inclusive approach of the Council of Transport Minsters as expressed in “Valletta Ministerial Declaration” 

FEPORT - Press Release -  Valletta Ministerial Declaration



"I AM" members agree on priority topics for 2017 and announce next plenary meeting at TOC Europe 

Press release - I AM Connectivity and Logistics for Growth March 17th 2017  FEPORT final



Employers remain optimistic about the European Social Dialogue for Ports 

 Press Release - Employers remain optimistic about the European Social Dialogue for Ports, 01.03.2017



Shipping in the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS): a strong message sent by the European Parliament to all maritime stakeholders 

FEPORT - Press Release - ETS adoption at the EP is a strong signal final



Smart Freight Center (SFC) and FEPORT sign an MOU to incorporate the most appropriate existing methodologies for port terminals in the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework

Press Release - MoU between SFC and FEPORT



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